W2GSB/LH at the Fire Island Lighthouse on August 19th and 20th 2006.



Fire Island Light (USA-286)  is  located on Fire Island, New York (40°38'N 73°13'W) at the Fire Island National Seashore.  The light's rotating beacon is still lit and the Light House keepers living quarters at the base of the tower has been converted into a museum documenting the history as well as containing historical artifacts.

It is from this light house keepers quarters that we set up our club station, W2GSB for the weekend.

We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and made 231 contacts including 42 with other light houses around the world despite the poor radio propagation conditions.  We enjoyed the company of radio amateurs and their families from the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club and the Town of Babylon ARES.

We had three complete stations set up operating on 40, 20, 30, 17 and two meters.  Our antenna systems were the one’s we normally use for emergency communications and gave us the opportunity to check out and practice our set up in times of emergency.

There was an estimated 400-500 guests at Fire Island Lighthouse during Saturday and Sunday and many inquired about our amateur radio classes.  

Our thanks to the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society and the Fire Island National Seashore for their hospitality.  Special thanks to Larry Turk, Lighthouse Keeper, for his time and assistance during our stay at the lighthouse. We are looking forward to next year's Lighthouse Weekend. We are planning  a bigger and better demonstration of amateur radio including a visual display of Amateur Radio and radio history. 


Here are some pictures of the operation

Walter KA2CAQ (foreground) & Jay N2PIK (backround)

Bob K2TV, Frank  K2LI, Conner KC2OPA & Matt KC2OOZ


Bob K2TV & Walter KA2CAQ at the top of the Light House

Hey! Is that a nude beach over there?

John K2IZ climbs to the "crows nest" and Matt KC2OOZ holds the other end of the 40m Dipole

Frank K2LI mans the grill to feed the hungry group

Conner KC2OPA, Matt KC2OOZ,  John K2IZ (standing) KC2PGI, K2TV & K2LI (standing)

Walter KA2RGI working them on two meter simplex

Time for a break and an eye ball QSO on the terrace at the base of the light house

Matt KC2OOZ and Frank K2LI work 17 meters with Bethany KC2PGI in the backround

Our thanks to the Fire Island Light House Society and The Fire Island National Seashore