The operating position

The antenna system

My station has been recently rebuilt and new equipment has been added and old equipment retired. The main HF rig is an Icom 756ProII with an Ameritron AL-811H amplifier. The amplifier is seldom used, but gives me 800 watts output on SSB and 600 watts on CW. I use the amplifier mainly for DX pile-ups, but most times 100 watts is more than sufficient power to work almost any thing you can hear. I use the Icom IC-756ProII on 160 through 6 meters using SSB, CW, RTTY, Packet and PSK31. On the digital modes (RTTY, PSK31 & HF Packet) I use a West Mountain Rig Blaster interface to my computer.

My HF antenna system consists of a HyGain TH3MarkIII 3 element tri-bander on 10, 15 & 20 meters and a 120 foot long center fed zepp antenna on 160 through 10 meters. The antennas are matched using a MFJ-989D Versa Tuner V which is rated at 1.5 KW.  On six meters I use a 3 element Cushcraft yagi. 

The zepp antenna is fed using 450 ohm ladder line. To get the zepp to load on 160 meters I tie the two sides of the ladder line together and feed it through the tuner as a “tee” antenna. It does work fairly well in a 1500 mile range using that method, but not very efficient as a DX antenna. On 80 through 10 meters the Zepp does a good job and I’ve worked DXCC on each of the WARC bands 30, 17 & 12 meters using it. On six meters I use a three element Cushcraft yagi which is up only 25 feet, but works well with band openings.

On FM I can operate 10 meters through 70 CM including 222 MHZ. I have several vertically polarized UHF/VHF antennas both on the tower (Rohn 6) and the roof. My packet station, using a Kenwood TR-7800 and MFJ-1270C TNC is usually on 145.070 Mhz . You can reach my mailbox K2TV-1 there through the WA2PNU flex node.

I have a separate back up station which I use mainly for checking into traffic and RACES nets on 75/80 meters. It consists of a Kenwood TS-480SAT and Alinco DM-330MV switching power supply feeding a MFJ-949E antenna tuner. I use an Alinco DX70T in my mobile on 80 through 6 meters while traveling on long trips. Normally I run only a two meter and 70cm rig in the car for local use.

Being involved with emergency communications and traffic handling, I have both battery back-up and a 5KW generator available for emergencies. Included in the emergency preparedness part of my station are several hand held radios including a Yaesu VX-5 and FT-73.

My first license was obtained in 1960 at the age of 16. At that time my call was WV2JZX which was changed to WA2JZX when I upgraded to General. I got the K2TV call in 1975 when Extra class licensees could get a two letter call if one was available.

I hold DXCC Honor Roll for the Mixed and Phone modes and am nearing DXCC Honor roll on CW. I also have 5 Band Worked All States and 5 Band DXCC along with endorsements for 30, 17 & 12 Meters. I also have DX awards from several European Radio Societies. Since retiring November 1, 2005, I now have the opportunity to be more active on the air.