K1TR VHF Contesting - September 2014

Sept 13-14 2014 ARRL VHF QSO Party
2006' Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA FN42BL

Set up due West of the new large lookout tower that the State erected a couple of years ago.
 My concern was that with its 12 foot high stone base, it would  present a significant blockage looking East, toward greater Boston.
As the contest progressed, it became clear that it would not have a huge impact on the many stations
in that direction. It didn't hurt that for the most part, the Atlantic ocean begins about 45 miles to the East.

Aside from a handful of E-skip contacts into South FL on Saturday, no noticeable
enhancement on the bands this time out. This was a simple case of hanging in
there and pounding it out. 
Most memorable QSOs were with VA3ZV in EN82 (2m and 432), a distance of 521 miles
with both ends running low power. 


  Low Power Single Operator Category - Submitted Score: 166k

Band Power (PEP) Antenna QSOs/Multiplier (grid squares)
50 200W 4 elements (redesigned Hygain) 205/33
144 200W 12 elements (FO-12) 178/36
222 75W 16 elements (FO-16) 73/26
432 100W 19 elements (RIW) 98/29
903 10W 33 element LY 24/11
1296 10W 45 element LY 27/10
2304 10W 52 element LY 13/8
3456 4W 52 element LY 9/5
5760 2W 2' dish, dualband feed 5/4
10368 1W 2' dish, dualband feed 6/4


Operating position in the minivan View of antennas from road below. Inside the K1TR shack View of busy (with hawk watchers) lookout tower from operating position. Looking West at operating site.