K1TR - June 1998 VHF QSO Party
6288' Mount Washington, NH - FN44

Worst Weather We've Ever Experienced: >6" Rain and Sustained Hurricane Force Winds.
Limited Multioperator Category  (K1EA, KM3T, K3DNE AE1D, K1TR, WB1ADR and WB1DSW) Final Score: 244k

K3DNE Eating Cookies on 432

K1EA 2m "Hall of Famer"

WB1ADR "learning the ropes" on 6m

6m King KM3T During a Slow Hour

6m 6 Element Hygain Yagi

2m 18 el Yagi

19 el on 432 and 18 el on 222

AE1D Cooking Them Meatballs