Station Equipment

The main radios are a pair of Elecraft K3s.  On HF I use an AL-1200 or a W6PQL LDMOS amp as the HF amplifier.  Homebrew transverters are used on 144 - 432 MHz with various tube amplifiers to get a few hundred Watts for each band.  On 903 - 10 GHz I use largely Downeast Microwave transverters driving small solid state amplifiers to no more than 10 Watts each.


Antennas are supported by a 90' Rohn 25G tower and in the case of wire antennas, some nearby tress have been enlisted.

Band Antenna
160m Inv-L over FCP
80m Inverted vee, apex at 64'
40m Inverted vee, apex at 88'
20/15/10m Cushcraft A3S Tribander at 90'
6m Homebrew 6 element Yagi on 24' boom
2m FO12
222 MHz FO16
432 MHz FO25
903-3456 MHz Various Loopyagis
5 and 10 GHz 2' Dish