About Roger


Mini-biography (by Mary Jo Rockwell, Roger's wife)

Roger is 53 years old and is employed with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department, working in security at the courthouse. I have never met an individual with such a wide variety of interests. He is one of those people the rest of us envy, because he seems to be able to accomplish whatever goal he sets. He has exciting ideas that come into his mind. Then he finds a way to make them happen. That is not to say that it is easy. Often is becomes a very time consuming and arduous effort. Yet, because he loves a challenge, he persists until his dreams come true.

This particular trip combines several of his many interests into a grand new adventure. Electronics has been one of those interest since he was about age 12. He built his first radio receiver at age 15, then obtained his ham radio license at 17. He studied photography shortly thereafter. About 1975 he purchased one of the first home computers available on the market. In recent years he has had a charter boat, so he became quite proficient with GPS units. Combining his knowledge in all these areas with his love of travel was just a natural course of events--especially after we bought our Yamaha scooter to tow on the back of our motorhome. Riding the scooter has been such fun. He recently described the experience as giving him such a feeling of "freedom".

I guess the open road is beckoning him. I'm sure that this coast to coast ride makes him feel young again. So he goes with my love and support.