My Early QSL Card History

  First QSL Card -1959 - No place for time or freq....Only had three crystals anyway: 3717 Kilocycles, 7159 Kilocycles and one low in the 40 meter band which tripled to 15 meters. And don't tell me that's not just an O, instead of a real zero.
  Next card...Large bold letters (at least a real zero this time with the funky bar cut through it), to be seen on a DX station's wall in a photo of some exotic DX station in the "How's DX" column of QST. Never saw my card in QST. Oh well, I guess you have to work 'em first!

Third card...Got wild with red...Still didn't show up in QST. Still needed to work some rare DX. Hey! Zipcodes are here!

  Next card came 14 years later, with my first house. Still had a "C.S.T" option, and "MC" for the freq. Ben Walker, K0AEU, did cards for many of us K.C. guys in those days.
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