My FT-1D Mobile Rig

My Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Mobile Radio

My car shown with the Larson Model NMO-2/7 17 inch dual band antenna mounted on the trunk lid, and the Yaesu ATAS-1, 6 through 4 meter motorized antenna, installed on a bracket below the left rear tail light.

The Antenna Mounting Bracket

Antenna Mounting Bracket

The antenna bracket is made of 1/8 inch thick Chrome Molly Steel. It is bolted to the car inner fender. The fender is scrapped and sanded to bare metal, a coat of graphite grease is applied to the bracket and fender for protection and a good ground.

A SO-239 mount was installed for the Yaesu ATAS-1 antenna.

The Speaker and Power Switch Mounting

Speaker and Power Switch

The speaker is a Regency mobile radio speaker box, it was selected after trying several commercial speaker boxes, this one sounded the best and had the most volume.

The separate power switch allows me to apply power to the radio when the key is off. Normal operation is power off with the ignition key. I use a separate horn relay to apply main power to the radio.

I do think the speaker is a bit hard to hear with the widows rolled down. I may change to a power speaker.

The Yaesu FT-1D Remote Control Head

Remote Control Head

This remote control option made my mobile installation a breeze. With no room for a radio under my dash, I mounted the radio in the trunk.

The control head mounting plate was mounted on two L-brackets, which were screwed under the head liner to the metal roof liner. With no brackets visible, it made for a nice looking installation.

The radio panel is easy to see, and operate in this position above the mirror. It allows me to not take my eyes off the road when spot checking, or changing the settings.

It is also away from heat, sunlight and dust, not to mention those nasty coffee spills.

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