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It is with regret and sorrow that I announce that Walt Mertz/K0̸CLD is a Silent Key. Walt was a Great Friend and Elmer. He was a Member and Club Technician of the previous Stanley Ham Radio Association, the Prairie Hills Repeater Association/KB0̸YGP. He will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Our Sympathy is with Eunice/KA0̸SOM and all of Walt's family.

The funeral will be on June 11, 2019 at Christ Lutheran Church in Minot, 3:30PM.

Jim/KB0̸CIR, President/CEO/Treasurer PHHRA/K0̸PHH


Congratulations to new upgrades!



Effective March 10, 2019, the Dakota Amateur Traffic
Association (DATA) Net aka the North Dakota Traffic Net
is now on 3.860 MHz at 1800 CDT 1700 MDT (2300 UTC).

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