I live in the city limits of Elkader, Iowa. I currently love DMR and I use a Anytone radio through a AURSINC MMDVM Hotspot! You can find me on 3119, 3100, 91 / Iowa, Nationwide, Worldwide. Be sure to check my logbook on QRZ! My eQSL collection: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t_s28GJFCQ7mTZfz_8pkpgZUJE_bmWjz

YOUTH JOIN ME on the 'Digital Youth Net' which is hosted by me on my talk group '96' make sure the talk group is set to PUBLIC! It's hosted weekly at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 6:45PM EST/23:45 UTC! This net is more then a net it's also a group chat! Please if you have ANY question please email me and I will keep you up to date!!! 

Clubs I am in!
YACHT: Young Amateurs Commutations Ham Team #385
DYG: Digital Youth Group #001 (I am the club president)

My gallery!

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Me passing my Tech!
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73, Collin, K0NNK

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