KØUSA 1998 Field Day Photo Album

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VHF Shack
Darrel, KBØAWB operating the VHF shack
Visitor's Shack
EC Ken, AJØA manning talk-in for Visitor's Shack
WØAG setting stake
Mike, WØAG setting up the cook tent
Generator Check
Generator Czar Bill, K9RZ performing oil check
20 meter shack
N9ARX & K9RZ smokin' on 20 meters
10/80 meter shack
KBØVMF, NØPOT, WB5HZH manning 10 meters
15 meter shack
Scott, KA4ZZQ operating on 15 meters
40 meter shack
Pat, NØHPP operating on 40 meters
Cook shack
Rick, AAØH cookin up a great breakfast!

SEC Jim, KFØFO enjoying Field Day activities

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