Shown in the photos are a series of straight keys made up from pieces of
springy contact material salvaged from old telephone switches and relays.

The Plexiglas base unit in photo uses a knob from an old J-38.

In Photo 2 is another straight key with a magnetic base. Handy for sticking
to the rig.  This was originally made to stick to the dashboard in my car,
but nowadays they are made of plastic! Progress.

Photo 3 The next one is a mini version and all the parts came from a
telephone switch, including the base.

Photo 4 Last in this series is the micro-switch straight key. I needed a
really rugged but very small unit for a QRP kit I have, and this really
fills the bill nicely.

Photo 5 For reference this photo shows the telephone switch from which many
of these keys were made.

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