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KFF Products will once again be available direct.

Thanks for your support and patronage in the past. This alliance will bring even more exciting products to the Ham community..73 Geo>KFF







****SLOOP Kits****


****K4ZA Portable SLOOPS for 160 or 80 ****


**** 160M Filters and preamps ****


**** VACTROLS Remote Termination units ****


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****HF/MF RX Hybrid Splitters ****


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SLOOP is a KFF Trademarked Shielded LOOP receive antenna



SLOOP Kits (Shielded Loop for 160 or 80 M) see SlOOP Kit listing for details.



K4ZA Portable 160 or 80 M SLOOP

suitcase-able 6 pounds

40 longest element when stowed

Makes 610 Diamond when erected

Sets up in 3 minutes.

call for specifics



Kits coming soon:

Remote switched tuning for your KFF Loop Also Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware

Remote continuous tuning for your KFF Loop Derlin Feedthrough Insulators

DC insertion kit for remote switching via the coax.

Remote variable termination resistor

Remote terminating resistor control For custom drilling, brackets and other metalwork :

Loop / Bev preamp W or W/O BCB filter

BCB splitters Contact me at [email protected] for special needs



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