A Tool Organizer, or: KFF In The DogHouse Again!





My favorite expression concerning tools has always been: " The only thing WORSE than not owning a tool, is to own it and don't know where it is!"

The Doghouse tool organizer is my answer.

Many years ago I switched to a tool system by Xelite, that has

one or two handles with interchangeable tools that plug into them. Shown here is an organizer that I built around such a collection

of over 50 hand tools. In order to replace each of these tools

with a discreet unit, all having their own handles, it would fill

up at least a few drawers.

In the 35+ years that I have been making and using
this and other similar toolholders, I have never seen another one anything like it. ( OK Bob Villa, give me a call, we'll do lunch!)

Magnets hold odd sized tools in place.

Note the little compartment on the bottom that holsters the otherwise unruly wire strippers.

In actual use, the doghouse sits on a Lazy Susan

so it can be spun around to the right compartment.


Construction is very simple, being made of bent up pieces of flat aluminum stock, and appropriate holes drilled to accept the various tools, probes, pliers, tweezers and picks.

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