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When I first got to Long Beach in 1970, the club station already had a file cabinet drawer full of QSL cards that they'd had printed. No one, however, would admit who'd misspelled the word "amateur".

wb6gui_1t.jpg Here's a picture I took of the WB6GUI station in very early 1971. The equipment is Collins S-Line, and if you look closely at the right edge of the picture, you'll see the Henry 2-K amplifier, and the equipment rack that held our AN/URA-8 RTTY terminal units. We had a Teletype Model 19 for teletype, which is out of the picture to the right.

I'll be adding more pictures as I dig them out and get them scanned. If anyone has additional pictures of any of the WB6GUI stations or operators from any vintage, please e-mail me. I'd like to scan them and put them on this page. I'd also like to scan any different WB6GUI QSL cards if you have any.

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Page updated 01/18/2001