Brad Bradfield, W5CGH

K9NBH (The "Navy's Best Hams")

Thanks to Ed Wylde, WA0YBB, for the images of the 1970 vintage K9NBH QSL card.

Here are a few pictures from my days at K9NBH in 1970. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full sized image. If you have pictures of any of the K9NBH stations or operators from any vintage, or if you ever operated from K9NBH, please e-mail me. I'd like to scan them and put them on this page. I'd also like to scan any of K9NBH's QSL cards that you may have.

k9nbh4t.jpg K9NBH antenna party - late 1970 - These towers were all on the roof of Bldg 3 (I think it was) mainside at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. This was a 3-1/2 story building with a peaked roof. The closest tower in this picture was the VHF tower. Following pictures show the antennas that went on this tower. The next tower behind the VHF tower appears to hold a VHF Super Station Master type antenna, and must have belonged to base security. The tower beyond that had a 10-meter Yagi on it. If you look closely along the left side, you'll also see the elements of a tri-band Yagi that was on another tower, along with the ground plane elements of a CB antenna protruding into the picture.

k9nbh2t.jpg K9NBH antenna party - late 1970 - I'm sitting on the roof lighting my pipe, and Ed Wylde, WA0YBB, is scoping out the elements of the collinear. You can't really see it in this picture, but there was a steel plate on the roof below the base of the tower. The upper floor of the building, below the peaked roof, held the base library. When the hams were working on the tower sometime in the past, the mast got away from them, fell down through the tower, crashed through the roof, and fell into the library. After that, public works installed the steel plate to keep that from happening again.

k9nbh3t.jpg K9NBH antenna party - late 1970 - This picture shows the antenna going to the top of the tower. The two people nearest the top of the tower are myself and a snipe whose name escapes me at the instant. I'm not sure who the third person below us is, but it could be Ed Wylde. Notice he doesn't have a safety belt on!

k9nbh1t.jpg K9NBH antenna party - late 1970 - The VHF tower after the antenna was man-handled to the top and mounted.

k9nbh5t.jpg Ed Wylde, WA0YBB, in the K9NBH station sometime in 1970.

The following K9NBH picture from 1968 was kindly sent by Randy Hoops, K0CM.

k9nbhrandy1t.jpg Randy Hoops, K0CM on the left and Kermit Hickman N0CZU on the right operating the K9NBH station in 1968.

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