May 9 Rooftop Polyphaser Party

 at National Weather Service, Boulder, CO

by wb5yoe-richard  & k0co-jack


On a 38 degree, rainy, Saturday, WB5YOE and K0CO returned to NWS (National Weather Service)at Boulder to install Polyphasers on each of 4 antenna feed lines to improve lightning protection.  This radio installation is used by area SKYWARN weather spotters to communicate with the NWS weather forecasters to report severe weather including tornado activity, large hail and flooding.  

When finished, the radios were checked for operation;  The 146.94 Icom could hit the Squaw Mountain repeater directly and full quieting when using the beam antenna selector switch position, the Icom on the  Broomfield UHF 449.825 link to the 146.94 repeater operated correctly, and the HF Kenwood could hear the 14.336 mhz CHN net Q5 with low SWR.

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Image of IS-B50HU-C1-MA Polyphaser (


wb5yoe & k0co               Richard-Soldering



Weatherproofing      Jack-Ground Cable Bonding



Finished Project                                NWS-Boulder