Northeast Colorado Roadtrip - Feb 15, 2002

de K0CO /m  Jack   1865 So. Oswego St.   Aurora, CO 80012     mailto:[email protected]

I had off on Friday and needed an outing to fight being cooped up for winter.  What better cure than a CHN ROADTRIP and run a few counties on 14.056!  My chief navigator and  XYL, Ann, was working, so I tuned up my GMC counterpoise and headed out.  

Thanks to the NCS and QSP guys.  Your presence really helped in the weird band conditions.  Sigs would go S4 to S9 in seconds.

COUNTIES: Arapahoe, Elbert, Adams, Washington, Yuma, Phillips, Logan, Washington, Morgan, Adams.  The counties out here are a bit large, so it took an hour to drive through some, especially Washington and Yuma.   Please advise any CO needs as we love to road trip.

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IMG_0511.jpg (72920 bytes) The start from a snowy drive in Aurora, CO outside Denver

IMG_0514.jpg (48522 bytes)Arapahoe/Elbert County line and what's left of the wooden sign.

IMG_0515.jpg (50604 bytes)Adams/Washington County line off US36

IMG_0518.jpg (56769 bytes)  Yuma County on Colo Rte 59 Northbound

The Holy Grail and destination, Phillips County, CO.

Not many roads go through Phillips county.  Unbelievable pileup here and had to work by the numbers to hear anyone!  Tnx to most for your patience.  You shoulda heard from my end!

IMG_0521.jpg (20020 bytes) End of a long 8-hour drive - Adams county Westward and Rockies sunset

wpe1.jpg (9903 bytes) Rig:  Original IC-706, mark zero - key by Kent - antenna by Hustler, counterpoise by GMC.