K0co/m  Mar 30/Sat. CHN RUN & Fishing Shopping Trip to:

Where else to go in March when a guy just has to get outfitted for the coming fishing season?  Son, Tim, and I headed up to Sidney, NE store, and did some County Hunting along the way on March 30, 2002. 













COUNTIES:  Adams CO, Washington CO, Morgan CO,  Weld, CO, Logan CO,  Cheyenne NE, Logan CO, Washington CO, Weld CO, Adams CO. 

Route was , generally, East on I-70 to Strasburg, CO where Tim lives.  Then East I-70 to Byers; East on Rte 36 to Last Chance; North Rte 71 to Brush, CO; North Rte 71 to near Stoneham; East Rte 14 to Sterling CO; NE Rte 136; North Rte 113; North Rte 19 to Cabella's Outfitting in Sidney, Nebraska.   We followed I-76 to Rte 52 home.  Great day with temps in 50 degF, clear and sunny, great roads.  TU Vy FB NCS help today!!

I bought a new 8.5 ft fly rod, reel, vest.  Son, Tim, bought an anchor for his new fishing boat, lure makings, and a shirt.  Great day on the road and for CHN activity.  TU all.  73, de K0co /m  Jack 

QSL via PO 388 Como, CO 80432  USA.