K0CO/m March 2 N.E. Colorado Road Trip
XYL Ann Drives & Jack Dit Dahs

Ann gains major wife points - 9 hour drive. Sedgewick County, CO- nasty icy Rte 385
Aurora, Colorado, Mar 2-  Following Friday's 8-inch snowfall near Denver, Jack woke up on Saturday with the idea of finally doing the previously cancelled roadtrip to S.E. Colorado.  "No way" his XYL and faithful driver, Ann said.  Those roads will still be full of ice.

"Sin problemo", Jack announced.  We can take your 4-wheel Blazer/counterpoise and we'll even go to N.E. CO instead of S.E. CO so we can stay on an Interstate (76) most of the way.  And, if you drive, I'll even buy breakfast!  With that, he yanked the radio gear out of his prized '92 GMC 1/2 Ton counterpoise and placed it in Ann's 4-wheel ChevBlazer counterpoise.

The Aurora, CO couple headed North on US Highway 85 towards the planned I-76 route.  After an hour, the pair reached that freeway and pulled over so that Ann could move to the Driver's slot and Jack could ride shotgun and operate the radio.  

Ooops!  No power cord for the IC-706, Mark Zero.  "Oh &*(%%$t", Jack was reported to utter.  "Sin problemo", Ann replied.  "We can "just" drive back an hour to the house, and be back here in another hour for only a 2-hour delay." You just can't ask for a better CHN driver than Ann, now can you? 

So they did.  Finally, around 11PM, the couple was again on the road did a QNI to the  CHN net to announce intentions.  W0GXQ relayed the QNI.  W7TSM asked for the route and noted that he could use about 4 of those N.E. CO counties.  "Porsupuesto!" the road crew answered and off they went.

Here's the route:  I-70 Eastbound to Bennet; then North on Rte 79 to Prospect Valley and Roggen.  Then I-76 N.E. to Sterling;  Rte 6 East to Holyoke and a needed lunch break.  Then, North on 385 to Julesberg and back on I-76.

Counties covered were Arapahoe, Adams, Morgan, Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick, and Logan (agn).  The couple arrived back home at 7 PM.

"Let's just have pizza", Ann said.  "Good idea", Jack replied as he always does when he's thinking clearly.  Advice to the wise:  You can never say "Good idea" too often around the XYL after she drives you for 10 hours on a CHN road trip.

Thanks for W0GXQ and KN4Y for the excellent QNC and QSP duties.  And thanks to the all QSOs and the many DX stations including, DL5AWI who followed us throughout and F6SMJ, G3WPF, OH3JF, OK1BA, F5FJ, OK1ACF, OZ9BX and finally HA0DU who came roaring in about +10db to my mag-mount mobile on the XYL's ChevBlazer counterpoise.  Steve, how did you open 20 meters to here from Hungary when it was near 2400Z?

Temps ranged from 11 degF to 14 degF and back to 4 degF!  Lots of ice up in N.E. CO later in the day....Great fun, but we're staying home this Sunday.  Thanks gang, it was fun!


73,   k0co/m

Jack and Ann

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Phillips County, Eastern Plains of CO




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Holyoke, CO - stop and see the bookstore!