Mar 8-10 Colorado - Utah Roadtrip

For work, I had to travel to Moab, UT and through Arches National Park, on Monday and return Wednesday.  Nice 7 hour ride each way thru the Colorado River watershed.  We used a rental Ford Taurus (no work surface for paddles!), trusty IC706Mk0,  and my magmount Hustler on 20M CW only.  Best was Anchorage/ WL7WH from Utah at 1800MDT local !   Tnx QSOs and QSPs.   73,  Jack   K0co/m.













Click on thumbnails for larger pix.  These are from Castle Canyon road, the "back way"  from I-70 to Moab, UT which runs along the Southern edge of Arches National Park.  Counties:  CO: Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit, Eagle, Garfield, Mesa / UT: Grand, San Juan & return.

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Happy road tripping......