k0co Emergency Medical Communications


June 12 & 13 - Colorado MS150 - Bike Tour for a nice (!?!) 150 mile ride from Broomfield to Estes Park and back for a total of 150 miles at elevation up to 2 miles above sea level!

1800 riders and 700 volunteers!

         Slide Show Here K0co and xyl, Ann, had radio Tactical Callsign "MED 2" and provided Transport for Emergency Medical Techs Keith (Saturday) and Scott and Stuart (Sunday) around the 150 mile course.  Because of the mountainous terrain, both VHF and UHF radio was required to keep the E-Meds in communication and on-call for emergencies.  We only serviced 1 spill with abrasions and laceration, , multiple dehydration cases, and multiple blister cases in the otherwise safe 2-day event!