2003 Mobile CW County Hunter Contest - May 2&3

The best XYL, Navigator and Driver in the World is Ann who safely routed us through:

Park, Chaffee, Saguache, Rio Grande, Alamosa, Mineral, HINSDALE, and Gunnison Counties of Colorado -  the most beautiful 8 of the 4,077 counties in the U.S.   Due to very sporadic propagation, we elected to cut the trip short on Saturday and head home, but still managed to put out rare Hinsdale, CO.  

Hinsdale county is famous for the 1887 cannibalism of Alfred Packer, a self-styled mountain guide who led his party of 5 into a winter blizzard, and eventually killed them, and then ate them to be the sole survivor of the party.  He was subsequently charged with manslaughter and imprisoned for several years, released, but maintained innocence until he died.

See This Page for the full photo set.  And here's Jack/k0co at the site of the massacre near Lake City, CO in Hinsdale county:


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