KØAWU's SoftRock Interface

Feb 2007 - Softrock Universal Interface

When I first started testing my 80/40m Ver6.1 RxTX I was using MØKGK's Transceiver 1.1 software. Once I had things running I wanted to try some of the other software. I liked Rocky for weak signal operations plus Rocky now has integrated PSK31 which would be fun. PowerSDR has just an outstanding sound to it, I wanted to be able to run it as well.

Some software had a integrated keyer and some require a separate keyer. I needed a universal Softrock-Computer interface. Fortunately that was not difficult and the MØKGK software could be configured to where all three programs would be compatible.

My rear panel contains a DIN connector that I use for my serial connections where I can change to various SoftRocks I use, without having to change cables on the back of the computer. The "key common" must be above ground ,so both the paddle connector (1/8" stereo connector) and the straight key/keyer connectors are isolated from chassis ground. I did that with a piece of glass circuit board. As long as I was isolating things from ground, I isolated the antenna connector too. This will be helpful when I start to work on reducing the center frequency "bump" caused mostly by ground loops.

I put the keying line components on a piece of perf board. My values are not the same as illustrated in the schematic at the top of the page, they came from an earlier recommendation.

The MØKGK Transceiver Option dialog box shows the Port assignments that I use. When switching from one software package to another, all I have to do is plug in the keyer output or the paddles, if I plan on running CW.

I use a Delta 44 sound board, so the audio setup can be seen here as well.