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Printable Constitution: Amended Ø4-2Ø-13

Joining our Club...

If you would like to join our club, and hold a valid amateur radio license, and agree with our Club Constitution, and it's By-Laws, then you are eligible for membership. You will be voted on the next meeting and you must have a 100% yes vote.

We have 3 options for you to apply to the club:

  • You may print and complete your application, and mail it with a check in the amount of $20, made out to "The Ancient Modulators Club", for your first year dues to our club Secretary-Treasurer. His address is on the application form.
  • At the present time our Secretary/Treasurer will accept Pay-Pal payments for dues, only if you send an additional 5% of your due amount to cover the Pay-Pal fees. Also, he can accept your application by e-mail scanned in a JPG form.
  • You can go to one of our quarterly meetings at the Ponderosa in Arnold, MO. to sign up and get voted on right now.

Our club has elected to charge new applicants between January 1 and June 30, $20. Applicants between July 1, and November 30, will be charged $10 for the remaining year. Applicants between December 1, and January 1, will only pay $20 for December and the following year.