The AMARC High Ridge Past Equipment and Attempts

Replacement of the High Ridge Multi-Band Multi-Mode radio in 213.

Our newest change was to replace our FT-1D radio on our High Ridge Multi-Band Multi-Mode to a FT-857D radio.

The reason for the change was to improve the Remote Base to handle more channels, faster channels change, and have better AM modulation.

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ICOM R-75 6 Meter Receiver Attempt

Here is the information of the ICOM R-75 Receiver. Bought it in 211 to improve the 6 meter reception.

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Modifications to the UHF and VHF Amplifiers

The RF amplifiers was removed from all the High Ridge repeaters in 27.

They become a big maintenance problem, and at that time we decided to put backup batteries on all of our repeaters.

The amplifiers was designed without RF relays to allow the antenna connection to the RF input connector with no power.

Without the amplifiers the repeaters have 4 watts on VHF, and 3 watts on UHF.

The only RF amplifier in service, is the Barnhart 6 meter AM transmitter with it's 150 watt amplifier, and it has been doing well.

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All of our newer repeaters were built between 26 and 213.

The new repeaters replaced our old club's 146.925 Remote Base repeater system.

It had a 1 meter and a 6 meter GE Master-Pro Simplex FM radios as remote bases on 29.6, 29.5 and 52.525, 52.54 mhz.

The remote bases frequencies could be switched with DTMF codes. This repeater was used from 2 to 26.

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