Jan Wise

Located in Bradenton

On the West Coast of Florida

In Manatee County USA


My Equipment


   Yaesu FT dx 1200 HF/50MHZ Transceiver.........Small but works  great 



 Heathkit SB-1000 Linear Amplifier 10 -160 meters  


Signalink Integrated USB Sound Card

Ameritron 5 Position remote Antenna Switch Box

Drake W-4 Wattmeter

Astron RS 35A Power Supply

Heil Goldline GM-5 Dual Element Microphone

 Rohn 25 Tower 60 ft. High

Hygain Ham "M" Rotator


CushCraft X-7  Beam for 10,15, and 20 Meters at 65 ft.  

Broadband  Coaxial Inverted "V" at 55 ft. for 40 Meters

  Inverted "V" at 55 ft. for 80 Meters

Broadband Coaxial Inverted "L" at 55 ft. for 160 Meters



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