Howard (Skip) Teller


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1939 Born on May 8 in Washington, D.C.
1954 Licensed as K4AOG
1958 Patent application for a "transceiving SSB transmiter/receiver system"
1959 Commercial First Class Radio Telephone Operator License
1960 Designed FM Stereo transmitter adapter for WSJS
1962 Graduated BSEE from University of South Carolina
1967 Chief engineer for General Electric multi-band radio design
1968 Stabilized feedback oscillator patent granted
1970 Formed Modular Radio Corporation
1972 Winner of worldwide competition for Algerian factory shortwave radio design
1973 Created the original weather-alert consumer radio
1975 Weather-alert radio system designated U.S. enemy attack warning system
1979 Weather radio alert patent granted
1982 Ground Loop Injection Tuner patent granted
1983 Sold Modular Radio Corporation and retired to Hawaii
1986 Licensed as KH6TY
1987 Created first low-cost, fullpage, computer monitor for Radio Shack
1999 Developed first panoramic PSK31 transceiver and Digipan software coded by UT2UZ
2000 DigiPan panoramic software released for general use
2001 Developed DigiPic PSK31 software for sending color thumbnail portraits by PSK31
2002 Awarded ARRL Technical Excellence Award for DigiPan and panoramic transceiver
2002 Developed DigiTalk PSK31 speaking software for the blind radio amateur
2003 Developed QuikPSK PSK63 software and introduced PSK63 as a fast digital contesting mode


 DigiPan PSK31 Software

 DigiTalk PSK31 Software for the Sight-impaired

Quikpsk PSK63 Software

  QST Article introducing DigiPan and the panoramic transceiver (.pdf)