KDØAR's Old Time HAM radio

 #01A receiver  

This receiver is probably my best regenerative so far.  It is a single band 2-tube tuner for 80/75 meters.  It has excellent CW and AM performance, and I use it when operating both modes.  It is extremely stable and very sensitive.  It runs entirely from batteries, 5- 9V for the plate and a 4AH gel-cell for the filaments.

Some recent modifications that I made to this radio after it was initally constructed inclused a small value grid condenser.  The 1920's radios all used 250 uuF condensers.  I found a vintage 50 uuF condenser at a hamfest and tried it, and it made a HUGE difference in the stability of the set.  Another change I made involved winding a new secondary and tickler coil using #20 dcc wire.  This improved the selectivity some in the AM mode.


Remember, I changed the grid condenser to 50 uuF
TL now equals 18 turns
TC = 11 plate condenser with all but 3 rotor and 3 stator plates remaining.


45V B battery = 5 - 9V in series.

construction notes

front view
Here is an uncompleted view of the front.