1924 Superhet

On around 1/1/04 I began work on the construction of a 1924 superhet using the QST articles from June, July and August as a guide for my radio.  On 1/8 I got a receiver working using a total of 5 #201A's.  It receives from 3 - 6 Mc as it sits, but only hears AM being I dont have the separate BFO built for it at this time.

The radio is currently sitting on 2 breadboards where I'm testing some of the circuits. 

The superhet as of 2/4/04  Front panel view

The mixer & oscillator.  The oscillator is on the left.
Next tube is the mixer, followed by 2 IF amps

The IF and gridleak detector.  This is a 2 stage IF, the white disks are the IF
transformers, hand made.  Last tube on right is an audio amplifier.

Overall view of inside.