Net/Rom Node Information for the Node Sysop

This is a series designed to help node operators understand some of the more arcane commands associated with the TheNet X-1JR4  node firmware that's in wide use throughout our state. It's a work currently in progress, so as of now, it is incomplete.

It's meant to be a plain-American-English way for node operators to learn about a very complex system. The original documentation is good, but was written by folks from other countries whose English usage is a tad different than ours. Some people might find that a little difficult to weed through, and that's why I wrote this series.

As each part is completed, it will appear in two places - here and in the Badger State Smoke Signals  . It'll appear here first, of course, as my publication deadline is on the 19th of each month.


Here's the Table of Contents:

Part One  -  Introduction and the start of a discussion of the complex ACL Command

Part Two -  Continuing and concluding the discussion of the ACL Command

Part Three -  The ADC Command

Part Four -  The ALIAS and ARP Commands

Part Five -  A look at ARPTIMER and AUDIT

Part Six -  The BBSBBSALIAS, BRATE and BTEXT Commands


Part Eight  -  How to configure HOST, HOSTALIAS, INFO, and IPADDRESS

Part Nine  -  The IPBROADCAST and IPROUTE commands

Part Ten  -  Discussing the IPSTATS, L3MHEARD, and LINKS commands

Part 11 -  About the MANAGER, METER, MHEARD and MODE commands

Part 12  -  Covers the MTU, NODE and PARMS commands

Part 13  -  Dealing with the RESETROUTES and STATS commands

Part 14  -  We finish the series with the SYSOP, TALK, UI and USERS commands.

TCP/IP Node Information for the Sysop - Will appear here soon as a mini-series.

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