Modern Language, wrought with ever changing colloquialisms, has once again shown itself to be a dynamic quantity, largely through the efforts group of local High-School Hams. You hear them on the air using a whole host of strange new terminology and "Adaptive English". It is my hope to act as a translator for these "Fine Young Ashwaubenon Lads" so that the rest of us "Normal Folk" (Yeah, Right!!) will have a clear understanding of the Domesticated AHS Student's speech patterns. It is in this spirit (Tongue-in-Cheek) that I offer the following semi-official "AHS Ham's Dictionary" for your perusal. I hope you enjoy it!...

Semi-Official AHS Ham Dictionary

- A -

Algebra Farm 
A collection of individuals (student-type) who attend the Algebra Class of one Mr. Chad Stiles (N9PAY). These Individuals, by the nature of their physical and personal traits, can be compared to the vegetable that most closely resembles these said traits. So, the entire group of individuals is referred to as a "Farm".

- B -

The shortened form of the term reflecting the questionable parentage of some individuals. 'Nuff said.

Buff or Buffy
An attractive, young Female.

- C -

Refers to the previously mentioned Mr. Stiles, or one possessing extraordinary quantitative verbal skills.

- D -

A term referring to one who posesses geek-like qualities. Originated from an encouter with an abnormally effeminate waiter (posessing these geek-like qualities) who introduced himself as "Dare". Definitely not complementary!

Refers to cruising through the neighborhood of a person that one has intense curiosity about. This is done in an effort to determine their whereabouts and activities, and occasionally involves yelling things out the car window.

Drop 'n Go 
Is a complementary term if preceded by the word "Good".  You have, no doubt, heard somone referred to as a "Good xxxx", where xxxx = a popular vulgarity equated with a bodily function. An easy one of these is a "Drop 'n Go", requiring little effort. So, this is good.

This is both a noun and a verb. In the Noun usage, refers or to a person who is unskilled and prone to great function- Dutchhhh difficulty. In the verb sense, to render useless. Taken from the term "In Dutch".

- G -

A term one uses, in an affectionate tone, in referring to Chris, N9PAW.

- H -

To be busy at some kind of work, probably requiring one's total mental or physical attention. Hiking may also be taken in the literal sense. It also is not strictly work-related. One can Hike Ham Radio.

This is pronounced as though there is an exaggerated "CH" sound. Means the same as H.T., the slang term for portable F.M. two-way radio.

- L -

Refers to Ryan, N9NOK, whose last name is Lardinois.

- P -

This is another term referring to Chris, N9PAW. I think you should have no difficulty figuring why.

Partially Red (see below). When used in an insulting tone, means one who thinks he (or she) is Red, but is only fooling him/her self.

- R -

This is a term honoring one truly technically minded individual who just happens to have Red hair. I will not reveal just who this individual is, but trust that this term is not meant to be anything but complementary. A person who is Red is, by their very nature, highly skilled in electronic technology and often seemingly pulls tools out of thin air. Make no mistake, this is used as a complement!

- S -

One who is tall and lanky, and sometimes Lazy. This stems from the observation of certain individuals possessing these traits while in the relax mode. One is a "Slanker" when he is frequently seen in the relaxed mode. One "Slanks" when they able over to you with an exaggerated lanky gait.

- V -

Translated from the German, it means "The Cut One". An offhand reference to the celebrated Bobbit case of 1993. I will not explain this any further. Consult a lawyer if you don't know what this is about!

- W -

One totally devoid of technical knowledge, ie Non-Red. This can be referred to in degrees (partially white).

These are the more common AHS terms you will be likely to encounter. Watch for frequent updates here. Hope this clears up some language barriers 73...Andy..

An attempt to provide an updated addendum to the origional AHS dictionary created by KB9ALN to help explain and translate the strange new terminology and other "Adaptive English" used by the fine folks on the 147.075/R


Used to indicate extreme scarcasm and disbelief.

Refers to an all you can eat buffet.

An attractive, young Female. (updated version of 90's term buffy)

A generalized slang name

A generalized slang name

Papa Smurf 
An offhand reference to KE9PQ who was caught wearing blue smurf like socks and his responce to a certain 147.27 Ohh Papa! DVR

Reference to KB9ALN Andy Nemec School of Amateur Radio

Another reference to KB9ALN who frequently wears a leather jacket, and gets called plesant names by Main Street drunks.

Used to refer to a fellow ham as of a fraternity or club.. after all we are all bothers.

A shortened version of a medical term used to describe a miscellaneous cheese like substance. Commonly used in as a synonym for the word 'stuff' or 'miscellanous'

Cheesy eggs a favorite breakfast entree.

Dr. Schmeg
Refers to KB9KEM as he is the Schmeg expert.

An updated reference to N9PAY P as in Pulaski, A as in Athelstane, Y as in Yuba

Yuba Time Standard
+/- about 1-3 hours CST

A neon bulb that certain CB like hams attach to the tip of their antenna that will light upon transmit.

Porch dropping
A fun pastime where one delivers useless electronics and other curbside goodies to a targeted persons porch.



Please email me with others or better descriptions or use the slanker radio active message board.