Ham Radio Video and Sound Files!

Video Clips are VERY large in size!

Field Day 2005 - Mingus Mountain Prescott Arizona


Making 6M Contacts 5MB

Field Day Antenna Setup 9MB

Calling CQ Field Day W7EI 4MB

Here are some Video Clips that I have found or have been sent to me.


BPL-and-HF Interference Video

Herman Munster Calling CQ Video  7MB

Mores Code VS Text Messaging - Jay Leno - The Tonight Show 10MB

Field Day Report - Channel 12 News From Tennessee 34.5MB

Spark Gap Transmitter In Action 15MB

WA5KUB's Streaming Video -  Dayton Hamfest Windows Media

SuitSat Seen From New Mexico on 4-18-06 1MB

Ed Hare W1RFI

BPL Interference Power Point presentation IEEE_EMCS_LI 8.5MB .ppt

Ham Sound Files

Morse Alphabet Song 3MB MP3

Morse Alphabet Song - No Voice 3MB MP3

Morse Code Music by Andrew Crawford VE1VAC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License

WWV Parody 200KB MP3

Junior Is A Ham Radio Operator 1.5MB WAV

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