My Radio Transmission and Monitoring Station.

My Main Station.

TenTec Jupiter HF Transceiver 100Watts.
TenTec 706 Desk Mic.
TenTec External Tuning Control.
TenTec 963 20A Power Supply.
TenTec Centurion Amp 240V 1300Watts.

Vectronics HFT-1500 Antenna Tuner.
LDG Electronics AT-1000ProII Auto Tuner.

270' OCF Dipole Antenna.
160m Open Rhombic Antenna.
70' Random Wire.

TYT TH-9800 Quad Band 2m / 70cm / 6m / 10m Mobile.
2 x Yaesu FT2800 Mobile 2m VHF Transceiver 50W.
Microwave Modules MML 144/100-LS 2m 100W Linear Amp and Preamp.
Radio Shack 25A Switch Mode Power Supply.
Dual Band Vertical 2m / 70cm Co-linear Antenna.

Other Equipment

Kenwood TS450SAT HF Transceiver.
Yaesu FT70 HF 10W Portable Transceiver.
JRC 100 HF Transceiver with Matching Power Supply and Speaker.
Pi-Star Jumbo Spot MMDVM Hotspot P25 DMR YSF with Raspberry Pi Zero.
TYT DM-380 70cm DMR HT.
Radio Shack HTX-252 2m Mobile.
Wouxun KG-UV2D 5W 2m/70cm HT.
Alinco DJ-560 5W 2m / 70cm HT.
Motorola 70cm HT.
Kenwood 70cm HT.
Yaesu FT290 2m Portable.
Yaesu FT790 70cm Portable.
Yaesu FT209 5W 2m HT.
Yaesu FT708 70cm HT.
Radio Shack HTX-245 2m / 70cm HT.
Radio Shack DX-394.
Welz SP-45M SWR + Power Meter.
Diawa CN-720B SWR + Power Meter.
Signal Link USB Sound Card Interface.
Home Brew Digital Modes Sound Card Interface.

Heathkit Mohican GC-1U General Coverage HF RX (Click for more details).

Radio Scanners.

ICOM IC-R7000 with HF Module.
Radio Shack Pro-106 Digital APO25 Decode.
Radio Shack Pro-96 Digital APO25 Decode.
Yaesu 9600.
Radio Shack Pro-2022.
Radio Shack Pro-95.
Radio Shack Pro-84.
Radio Shack Pro-83.
Radio Shack Pro-32.

Test Equipment.

Fluke 190-202 ScopeMeter 2.5GS/s 2 Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter.
Rigol DS1052 50Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
Gould Advance OS3000A 40MHz Oscilloscope.
2x B+K Oscilloscope.
PTS 500 1-500Mhz Signal Generator.
Nombrex type 27 Signal Generator.
Eico 320 Signal Generator.
MFJ 259 HF - 170MHz Antenna Analyzer and Frequency Counter.
Victor VC-3165 2.4Ghz Frequency Counter.
GCS 600MHz Frequency Counter.
Thandar TF-200 200MHz Frequency Counter.
Aceco FC 3002 3Ghz Frequency Counter / RF Finder.
Anysecu 2-2800 Mhz Frequency Counter / RF Finder.
100W 50-Ohm Dummy Load.
120W 50-Ohm Dummy Load. (Home Brew)
Fluke Digital Multimeter.
AVO Digital Multimeter.
VICI VC8145 Bench Top Digital Multimeter.
Trygon Power Supply.
Farnell Instruments LT30-5 0-30V 5A Power Supply.
AccuBeat AR40-A 10Mhz Rubidium Frequency Standard.

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