Amateur Radio Station K7YVZ

 First licensed Aug. 1997. I currently hold a Extra class license. I am active on 160m-2m but my main interest is VHF weak signal DX. Located 20 miles SW of Boise, ID on 480 acres in DN13.

Station setup:

160m-10m  Rig: Icom IC746  QRO: Heathkit SB1000  Antennas: Mosley Pro57B for 20-10m fed with 3/4" CATV line and a 1wl 160m  Horizontal Oriented, Horizontal Polarized Loop (530ft long) at 50ft

6m  Rig: Icom746  QRO: 3-500z 700watts Antenna: M^2 6m7jhv at 60ft fed with 3/4" CATV Hardline.

2m  Rig: Icom 746 QRO: Antenna Works 2500 watt Linear running a 3cx1500/8877 at 1500 watts. Antennas: 4 x M^2 18xxx at 40ft fed with 7/8 heliax on TX and 9913 on RX. Mast mounted 1302 LNA.  My main mode is EMEand HSMS, but also work MS, AU, E's and tropo.

1.25m Looking for All mode rig or transverter.

432  Under construction. present equipment includes 4xM2 13wl antennas and MM transverter and a converted AM-6155 producing around 400watts.

 Computer: Custom built AMD Athlon 800mhz. 

 Software: WinMSDSP 2000 a windows based program for transmitting and receiving HSCW signals. Z-Track a dos moon tracking program. Moon Sked for setting up EME skeds      




















The antenna farm at K7YVZ. Tower on right is the 2m array. the tower on the left is 6m yagi and 10m vertical. The line sloping across towards the top of the picture is the Horizontal loop. Click on picture for larger view.
The 2m tower, AZ rotator, Elevation system, and controller are homebrewed. Please click on links for more details and a picture of the control box with digital read outs.