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Station setup

2m EME array

Rotor System Details

Elevation system Details

IC746 RX TX separation 


How to get started on EME

Two meter EME Primer by W5UN

How to get started on EME by N1BUG

Online moon position  try this without downloading anything

Z-Track Personal EME manager  neat program for tracking moon

Moonbrat and skymoon other good programs for tracking moon

For scheduling try SKD81 (you must also download dir.sked, vhfsched.skd, and index.skd and put them in the same directory), EME ACTIVITY LOGGER, or check into the EME net on 14.345 each Sat. and Sun. at 1700z.                                                                                          




                 2m EME

        Initials    States      Countries

          66             18               16