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K3GV Antenna Farm

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Yaesu 901 MultiscopeFT-1000MP

Yaesu FT-1000MP HF Trabsciever

with Yaesu 901 Multiscope


Yaesu FL-7000 HF Linear Amplifier

Schematic to Interface FT-1000MP with YO-901 Multiscope

The YO-901 is a monitoring instrument, originally designed for use with the FT-901DM series of amateur equipment. Here is a schematic to construct an interface that allows the YO-901 to be used with the FT-1000MP. The interface provides both TX and RX monitoring. It is in pdf format and you need Acrobat reader to open it.

The interface is made from parts readily accessible from Radio Shack including the box for less than $5.00.

You also need to construct a cable to connect the TX GND on the back of the FT-1000MP or 1000D to the 11 pin female plug at position ACC 2 on the back of the YO-901. Using a RCA plug into the TX GND connect the center conductor of RCA plug to pin 11 on the 11 pin male plug and connect the outside of the RCA plug to pin 8 (ground from the radio) on the 11 pin male plug.


Yaesu G-1000SDX Rotor


Yaesu YS-60 SWR & Power Meter Yaesu SP-8 External Speaker Yaesu MD-100 Dynamic Microphone




Yaesu FH-1 Remote Control Keypad Yaesu DVS-2 Digital Memory Recorder Yaesu YH-77STA Stereo Headphones



Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe


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