YACHT Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team

Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team, K8KDZ. Sailing through radio waves
Connecting Young Hams, Creating Friendships, Expanding the Voice of Youth in Ham Radio. Inspiring Youth with Enjoyment and Technology of Ham Radio!

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to expand horizons in the field of communications along with general and advanced ham radio techniques, and to foster a greater appreciation of the role they play in the overall hobby of amateur radio, as well as giving kids a challenge and enjoyment.

We have over 400  members in 34 states and 4 countries.

Connect daily with YACHT youth nets

Come sail with us, and join our Echolink nets. Keep YACHT a "force" in the field of youth ham radio.

The big YACHT Youth Net runs Saturday 7 PM CSDT (8 PM ESDT) you can connect on the <YACHT> Echolink server!

The YACHT Chat Sessions run Monday through Friday 7 PM CSDT (8 PM ESDT) you can connect on the Echolink server!

The DYG/YACHT Youth Net is at 7 PM CDT (8 PM EDT) on the <YACHT> Echolink server!

Primary Net Control: Ed KG8CX Backup Net Control: Collin K0NNK

Read our newest editions of YACHT news!

YACHT news is a powerful to find news and entertainment with YACHT below are links to the newsletters in .rtf format.
-YACHT News 7-6-2022
-YACHT News 6-29-2022

Become a member

Becoming a member of YACHT enables a lot of possibilities to youth and all people in ham radio! We offer nets, weekly newsletter, updates to ham radio, and more! Please email [email protected] and he will send you off a YTY number and a cool certificate! If you are already a member thanks for joining!

Follow Us

Please follow us on Facebook! We post many times a day and are always up-to-date on our group! 

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