JiangSu DX Club ( JSDXC )

The JiangSu DX Club,the southeast's largest and most active DX group,the first major BY4 group.

"I live in a very small House but my windows look out on a very large world." Confucius 550-478 B.C.

JiangSu province,located at southeast of China.

Have well-developed Muscles,Ecomomy and Civilization.

There are also many ham amateurs in this area,most active in China.

They enjoy DXing and DXpedition very much!

The JiangSu DX Club ( JSDXC ) is devoted to the following:

To support and abide by Government's rules and regulations.

To promote good amateur radio procedures of the China,possibly around the world.

Popularize amateur radio in Jiangsu,under the Chinese Radio Sports- Association ( CRSA ) 's leader ship.

Promote and assist DX operations as needed.

Provide epuipment,funds and training materials to DX operations. ( the current central task at present are IOTA operations. )

Provide DX news and QSL routes where possible.

You will work a new one because of JSDXC's support,don't just work DX,

help make more DX possible.


See you on the air also looking for us in the contest!