JR3XUH Nara, Japan


Greetings from JR3XUH in NARA City

Station Operated by Yasu Yoshida

I will issue this QSL card for QRPp QSO.

I will issue this QSL card for QRPp QSO.
I love QRPp code(50mW) and high power AM !

=Station information=

Operator: Yasuhiro Yoshida (Ex: JA1XCT, JR0BFC) QTH: Nara-City
1st QSO on: March 23rd, 1973 License: 1st Class Amateur Radio E_mail:

Updated on Feb. 4th, 2018 (updating from old "geocities/reocities")
Sorry, some pages still left in Japanese



My "AM" Gear

New 500W transmitter! 2 of 3-400Z for PA, plate modulated by 4-250A pp modulator.

Click picture. There is huge article about this transmitter!

From left to right, 811A pp Modulator, 813s Final stage, 6146 Excitor

Yes, We AMers are still surviving in Japan !

Listen on 7195 and 3757, 7AM-12noon(UTC) !!

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AM link in Japan

See here first ! Lots of pictures from many AMers in JA.



My favorite old tube gear....

Homebrew Equipments

I flatter myself that I am one of the best homebrewers in Japan.
ATV transmitter used old special tube 5894, and final stage for high power AM on 6m used 4CX250B etc. are on the pages.
Needless to say, my effort to save them from damages of the quake makes all these equipments NO LOSS. This vintage radio saved has been improving right now....'RF-1 IF-2 ST tube Motorola C-QUAM AM Stereo Receiver'

AMI #1138

QSL cards

Plenty of my QSL cards are in the album.

Mobile QRV

Mobile QRV by JR0BFC is talked with QSL cards in the pages.

The Quake in 1995

I suffered a great damage from the quake in 1995.
Fortunately, there were no causalities on my families, but my old wooden house, which was built in 1920 was completely destroyed. Click here to compare the house before and after the quake.
And here is my ham equipments BEFORE and AFTER the quake, respectively.

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