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Data of JO3TND

NAME Taro Adachi 
E-mail [email protected]_SPAM.scoutnet.or.jp
Organization Ono Scout Group No.1  Hyogo Scout Council
Scout Association of Japan
Location Yokohama City Kanagawa, Japan  GL: PM95TJ
Ono City Hyogo,Japan GL:PM74LU
License First Class Amateur Radio Operator 
Station License
Base    1.9-28 MHz 200w   
Portable   1.9-430 MHz  50w     1200 MHz 1-10W
         Since 1987
Dx-Peditions Korea   6K17APJ Aug/1996 17th Asia Pacific Jamboree     
HongKong   VR97SS    Feb/1997 Thinking Day on The Air
Taiwan    BV7/JO3TND   Oct/1997 40th Jamboree on The Air
Taiwan    BVφBSK Oct/1997 40th Jamboree on The Air
HongKong   VR2SS Mar/1999 WPX CONTEST
Macau XX9TND Dec/1999 Handover of Macau from CT to BY
Thailand E27SEA Nov/2000 SEANET 2000 Convention
Thailand E20AJ Nov/2000 3rd Pre 20th World Jamboree
Saipan KH0/JO3TND Mar/2001 QSL VIA JO3TND
Saipan KH0/JO3TND Nov/2002 Japan International DX Contest
Thailand E20AJ Jan/2003 20th World Jamboree
Guam KH2/JO3TND Apr/2005 SP DX RTTY Contest
HongKong VR2EA Jun/2005 Scout Association of Hong Kong
Membership JARL : Japan Amateur Radio League (Life member) 
JA1YSS : Nippon Boy Scout Amateur Radio Club
JH3YBS : Hyogo Scout council Amateur Radio Club 
JN1YRP : Yokosuka Research Park Amateur Radio Club 
JO3TND : http://www.scoutnet.or.jp/~taro/    Sorry Japanese only
LX1KQ : http://www.qsl.net/lx1kq/
W6STT : http://www.qsl.net/w6stt/
7K1OUO : http://www.qsl.net/7k1ouo/
VR2TM : http://www.qsl.net/vr2tm/
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