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The James Millen Society started with a small group of Southern California James Millen enthusiasts in 1997. Originally the organization went under the name The James Millen Memorial Foundation. These hams had an interest in James Millen and the equipment he was responsible for building. They obtained the callsign W1HRX in the vanity license program and intended on using it for special event operations. This callsign was assigned to James Millen throughout most of his life. Over the years the original members had fallen away and the trustee John Zitzelberger, W6GL was considering relinquishing the callsign back to the Federal Communications Commission. Fortunately, he began a search to find if any other Millen enthusiasts would consider reforming an organization to promote the purpose set forth with the original foundation. In October of 1999 John was directed to Don Buska, N9OO who was very much a Millen enthusiast and had already been collecting and restoring Millen equipment for many years. Don was also responsible for the James Millen Page on the internet which featured equipment pictures, schematics and articles written by and about James Millen. John and Don quickly went about the reformation of the organization and new members were recruited from those people who provided so much help in the creation of the original James Millen Page.

This webpage is a dedication to Mr. James Millen and the work that bears his name. The James Millen Society will continue to update this page as more information is supplied or collected. Those who would like to submit material are encourgaged to contact us. We are actively seeking those who have had contact with Mr. Millen himself and would like to submit personal stories that would be of interest to those who may visit this site. In addition, equipment pictures, manuals, and early writings that do not yet appear on these pages are welcome. We would prefer to use only original pictures and not those reproduced from magazine ads or catalogs whenever possible. As you will see equipment pictures shown here are those in the possession of ham and electronic experimenters today. Much of the equipment is also in active use on-the-air or in-the-shop.

The James Millen Society is always looking for those individuals who have an interest in James Millen and would consider joining our organization. Members can participate in amateur radio operating activities using the original W1HRX callsign . In addition, we have our own email reflector for conducting society business and for sharing information about Millen.


Don Buska, N9OO
President - The James Millen Society

The James Millen Society would like to thank the folowing individuals for their help and support of this webpage and the society at large.

Alan Douglas
Joyce Peckham
William Fizette, W2DGB
Marc Ellis
John Dilks, K2TQN
Dennis Doonan, W9DAD
Gail Schieber
Garey Barrel, K4OAH
David F. Plant, K9LAJ/2
John Nagle, K4KJ (SK)
Dave Thompson, K4JRB
Paul Monroe W9MEH
Ralph H. Jannini, KA1FAA
John Brewer WB5OAU
Tom Laszynski K8JRM
Ed Zeranski
Glen Reid K5FX
Rich Lucchesi WA2RQY
Niel Wiegand WA5VLZ
John King WA1ABI
Tom Koch W4UOC
Manuel Maseda W4SSB
Jim Shoemaker W0NKL
John King WA1ABI
Tom Smith N5AMA
Mike Warren W5MAZ
Hank Van Cleef
Allen Sauder
Dave Schneider
Jim Hanlon W8KGI
Robert Roehrig K9EUI
Gregg Schwabauer KB7WWD
Jere Couch N4DQ
Phil Clements K5PC
Joe Rose WA2PJP
Larry Babcock
John Bauer W4AWM
Ed Gable K2MP

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