Gary Carter
(Updated 08-April-2003)

Gary is shown here with his Millen transmitter setup. Consisting of the 90801 transmitter and the 90831 (version 2) modulator. The large gray unit on the bottom of the rack is a homebrew power supply which powers both the aforementioned. Occupying the top position of the rack is his 90902 monitoring scope. To the left of the rack is a 90711 VFO. Gary also owns a Millen 90881 high power amplifier unit which will one day bring this station to the power house category!

Gary has been an active member of the JMS and was one of the key operators at the fall 2001 W1HRX 100th Anniversary operation (see elsewhere at this site) at the AWA annex. An active member of the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) and their Carolinas Chapter (CC-AWA). He can often be found wondering the swap area at the annual AWA conference with his wonderful wife Laura. Gary is also an avid collector of early broadcast radios and communications equipment.

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