DFP-201 Receiver

In the tradition of the famous National catacomb receivers of the late 30's and 40's came the Millen DFP receivers. The first receiver introduced in their 1947 catalog as "custom built" was the DFP-501. This was an elaborate receiver with direct frequency readout, ten ham and general coverage bands, motor-assisted tuning, motor-driven bandswitching! However, these features didn't come cheap! To make any form of profit would have put it well beyond the range of the ham market. Thus, the DFP-201 was created. Gone were the motor drives. However, in the Millen quality tradition this receiver still maintained the mechanical marvels associated with their other equipment. Extensive backlash supression gearing was used to drive the two tuning condensors as well as a gear and chain driven mechanism to move the tuned circuit catacomb and rotate the direct reading logging drum. Even without the motor drives it was reported to cost $2100 to build in early 1947. Alas, even the DFP-201 was to expensive to be a viable ham receiver. Only a few prototypes were made and there are no reports of any of them ever being operational nor being fully completed. It was an interesting change of fate for Millen in that during his time at National their primary products were receivers and during the entire history of the Millen company they never ended up producing a receiver for the ham market.

The prototype pictured above was provided by Fred Watson, KI8BP, and is owned by Don Buska, N9OO. Like most of the prototypes still known to exist it is not complete. This unit does not have the catacomb tuning box and associated mechanics. However it is a beautiful display piece!

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