92200 Transmatch

The Millen 92200 is a 2000 watt AM peak transmission line matching unit covering the frequency range of 3.5 to 29.7 MHz. A very heavy duty piece of equipment utilizing copper thru-out the chassis and case. The Millen tuners were designed for matching 10 to 1000 ohm unbalanced loads through coaxial cable only and provided no internal means for matching to balanced line feeders. The 92200 was the big brother to the much smaller 92201 transmatch which was able to handle 150 watts. The 92200 series is a later Millen design and are still available today (see Millen-After-Millen article).

Photo provided by Allen Sauder. This unit was sold on eBay in excellent brand new condition with original box for $370 in August of 1999. Amazing for a unit manufactured in 1964! However, a real bargin as these sell for much more if purchased new today from Millen Electronics.

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