90923 Oscilloscope

The 90923 was finally a Millen instrument that could really be called an oscilloscope as we know them today. Unlike the earlier 9090X series the 923 contains built in amplifiers and a sweep unit. Although the specifications on this scope don't mention it's bandwidth capability it does have sweep setting from 2 hertz thru 30 kilohertz.

Another major distinction between this scope and others of the time is the low profile rectangular display CRT. It uses a 3XP type tube which measures three inches wide by only one and a half inches tall. A neat looking design, but I guess these tubes eventually lost support when dual trace scopes came to market. Like the other Millen rack scopes it offers both front and rear connections for vertical and horizontal inputs.

The 90923 appeared in Millen catalogs and advertisments during the early 1960's.

The photo above is courtesy of John Bauer, W4AWM.

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