Antique Wireless Association
2004 Conference
August 18-21
JMS Attendance and Activities

l-r: Gary Carter, WA4IAM; Don Buska, N9OO; Tim Walker, W1GIG; Bill Fizette, W2DGB; Howard Corey, W1CL; Vern Yeich

l-r: Don Buska, N9OO; Greg Gore, WA1KBQ; Gary Carter WA4IAM

Ed Gable, K2MP

Frank White, W0BE, supplied a short video of JMS member Gary Carter, WA4IAM, operating the vintage W1HRX Millen Station. During the conference Museum and Annex tour visitors are able to operate this station.

Even though it's only 9 seconds this AVI file is 3.7MB in size so if your not using a hgh speed connection stay tuned for a long download!

(Click on above to Play Video)

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