Photos by JH4RHF ---- 80m (JG3QZN added: Apr 2003)

Miscellaneous photos on 80m DX

This is a photo of 75m 3element full size Yagi at 7J4AAL. I do not realize how big it is. It look like 15m 3element at very low height as everything is too big to understand. This makes Kan's signal strong like neighbor in Europe.

Toshi, JA1ELY, recently replaced his famous 75m 2element Quad with linear loading 2element. It also includes full size 40m 3element. You can see other antennas as well.

Kaz JG3QZN is one of young Big Gun in Kobe. His new antenna system includes, 80m rotary dipole, 40-15 triband Yagi and 75m 2 element. I finally worked him on 75 in the season of 2002/03.