Photos by JH4RHF  (last update 2007/10/31)

QRS ? My code is so fast ?
QRS, the electronics shops in India, during the trip back from VU7 in Cochin.

Who is W5EKC? Who is W2BAD ? Are you in Vienna, Austria ??
This format of the license plate is used for motor bike in Vienna nowadays. You can find many Ws ham radio operators in Vienna.


Who owns this car ? Steve, N8BJQ, this is for you ! I just found this car during the trip in Florida. It is not parked at Hara Arena, just at public parking somewhere in a town. I do not know if the owner is DXer or not.

You see this pussy has five fingers !! If you have cats in your family, you are sure cats have four fingers. Cats in Hemingway's house, Key West, have five. I found another cat at the Light House, just crossed the street, but she has only four.