WAC by JH4RHF(last update 2011/1/31)

I am very pleased to announce my new award program named "WAC by JH4RHF" as follows.

Rule: Complete "WAC" defined by IARU by working the station which once JH4RHF has operated (Valid station list below).  
* No limitation of QSO date or operator. Any QSO with listed callsign is valid for the award.

Application: Send photo copies of QSLs of your 6 QSO (one each from each continent from the list above) along with the information of your name your address and your callsign (for indication on the certificate) to

Jun Tanaka P.O.BOX 200 Vienna A1400 

or e-mail to jh4rhf(a)arrl.net

Application fee: NO

Some souvenir (limited number) will be presented to the applicant as well as the certificate.
Special endorsement such as single mode, single band etc can be mentioned on the certificate.

List of the stations applied for this program

First Application was received in Sep 2011 after waiting for more than 10 years !!
and award was presented  to JA7XBG !!